Here are some photos of Bubbles and Bella, an elephant and his dog BFF. The twosome is visiting Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina where they’re frolicking around in the water, playing fetch and all sorts of other games I’m sure only an elephant and dog would understand. Dawww! Interspecies friendships are always so heartwarming. Take my relationship between myself and my cat Fefe (short for FelineFeline). It’s a symbiotic relationship, really. I tell her all my deepest, darkest secrets and innermost desires, she jumps off the sofa and leaves the room. She shits in a box, I clean it up. I feed her, she coughs up a hairball on the carpet. It’s a beautiful thing. (She has me brainwashed, please send help.)


Best Friends Elephant and Dog play fetch in the river.






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Via: Daily Mail


  1. Becky

    sooooo friggin adorable!