This is Tally, a Husky who was raised with cats, so she thinks she’s a cat. And based on these pictures posted by Tally’s human Redditor xlinnea, she thinks she’s a potato chip and a can of soda too. That is one confused dog! So confused, yet so unbelievably cute.


























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  1. G Craig

    The one where Tally thinks she’s a potato-chip… (pic 9) I see that a hole was cut out of a corner… SMART…butt, what if the bag were left uncut…suffocation!
    Some years back , my neighbor had a shepard cross, who one day, whilst all were out for the day, the dog got into a bag quite similar as depicted…the result was devastating for the kids who found it under their bed…
    I guess the moral ‘o this story is… cut a hole in all chip bags…just in case fido/kitty/what-have-you, are safe.

  2. The Great King Beleth

    How about throwing them the fuck away? People are disgusting for leaving refuse lying around or lazily overflowing their trash receptacles.

  3. The Great King Beleth

    This is a dog behaving like a dog.

  4. Avetica

    You’re no fun. The folding of the arms, peering out the windowsill, shoving its head into a box, blocking the stairwell are not things I see often from dogs. This is cute.

  5. Terrible People Eater

    You are a total fucking douche. Get the hell off the site if all you have to do with your simple ass life is talk shit to people. This guy put this on here to entertain, and this dog DEFINITELY acts like a cat.

    Not only are you a fucking retard, you are a negative loser. Probably a fat lard of shit. You are a simple bitch.

  6. Terrible People Eater

    that dude is a total cunt. this is great. thank you for the post.

  7. Paulette Godkin

    So cute!!! I have a rabbit that is 3 months old and she has been with us for a month and she is being raised by us and our two dogs. She has a leash and a harness and she tries to eat from the dog bowl (Which we don’t let her cause dog food is bad for her) and she drinks from the dog bowl. She is not a rabbit she is a dog. Our dogs protect and love her so much. She climbs on them and everything. !!!

  8. AliceisAlive

    Cute Doggie! Doggie doing dog stuffs’ though. I wouldn’t necessarily say any of these photos are for cats only, my dogs do most if not all of these things! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Jesus Christ

    You do realize that you’re no better than him, right?

  10. John Goatbirth

    Again, as with other comments, this is very cute… but it’s a dog being a fucking dog. My parent’s pet dog has many adorable antics you could pretend were the analogous to cats.

    By the way – stick cardboard boxes on animal’s heads to watch their adorkable reactions… kind of cruel!

  11. The Great King Beleth

    All I said was ‘This is a dog behaving like a dog.’ and I get insulted by complete morons. I own dogs and I recognize the behaviors of my own dogs. How is that grounds to call me names and berate me or to make me equal to this Terrible People Eater person? I find it disrespectful, ignorant and completely absurd! You say he is no better than me when I make an honest positive observation without condemning anyone or these photos with a negative opinion? You are no better than he is.

  12. strange_new_times

    And you’re an old curmudgeon acting like and old curmudgeon!

  13. strange_new_times

    I have a big house cat that was raised from a kitten with a German Shepard puppy. This cat is now full grown and would have you for lunch if you came into my home unwelcome. I do mean God help you! So yes animals do take on certain traits that their presumed siblings show.

  14. strange_new_times

    Avetica is right get a life and lighten up!

  15. actual grown up

    omg wow! everyone this is just pictures of a dog behaving a way anyone can determine for themselves and everyone on here act like children (I’m assuming Terrible People Eater is a child most def) and everyone needs to grow up. its dog pics on the internet

  16. actual grown up

    omg wow! everyone this is just pictures of a dog behaving a way anyone can determine for themselves and everyone on here act like children (I’m assuming Terrible People Eater is a child most def) and everyone needs to grow up. its dog pics on the internet!

  17. .

    chill out

  18. John Goatbirth


  19. The Great King Beleth

    I wasn’t acting like adult? I was being reasonable. Get over yourself.

  20. dweiums

    Yeah, those are all dog things – especially the big smile. Cats refuse to laugh at your jokes or antics. My Akita once got stuck under the bed following Pomeranians and a cat under it. Too funny. Dogs block your way all the time, mine even hits me with his paw.

  21. Jo. Unrau

    You’re right. I’ve had cats & dogs both all my life, & many other creatures. That dog is just being a dog.

  22. Jo. Unrau

    That’s true, she’s just being a dog. Looks like we have some real morons here.

  23. Miquela Jerman

    What a neat dog 🙂

  24. angbblue

    OMGosh, EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. I would never call anyone names because they are different from me. Now, your dog is absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with her instantly. Even though I could never get my dog to play in a box, she has a lot of the same behaviors as I see in your photos of your dog. Funny thing is that when my dog was a puppy, the only way I could get her to come to me when we were out visiting is to call “Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty” and she would come running to me.

  25. angbblue

    Wow, who peed in your breakfast cereal? It must really suck to be you!

  26. The Great King Beleth

    You must be the kind of person that just throws your trash on the floor.

  27. Sandy Good

    This dog is almost identical to mine!

  28. Lisa

    OMG!! She looks just like our baby Rayne!! And YES Rayne is a former cat!!! Lol

  29. Edward Miller

    I can’t believe the level of hate and nastiness is this so called discussion. Disgusting!

  30. George Spelvin

    Eat shit. I’ve got a bay window and my terriers are in them most of the day watching foot traffic. It’s not a “cat thing” to look out the window, moron.

  31. George Spelvin

    Awww. Who’s a little fucktard? YOU’RE a little fucktard, yes you are!

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