Panda Dogs are the latest pet trend in China. The latest and also the cutest I’m willing to bet! I’m willing to bet, but shouldn’t, because I have an addictive personality and I’m broke as a joke. The saddest joke ever told! The punchline is something about sleeping on a bare mattress in my studio apartment and getting my cell phone shut off so I can’t call my gramma on her birthday. A real groaner! Anyway, Panda Dogs. They’re not actually a result of a panda and dog getting freaky, they’re really just Chow Chows made to look like pandas. Still, does that make them any less cute? Well, actually, now that you mention it: kinda.







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  1. Rainbow

    I feel sorry for these adorable little dude. They get dyed to look like pandas and then forced to parade around to entertain people in a country where Pandas are rampant. Asia is severely screwed up in regards to it’s forms of entertainment. I don’t understand how this is better than going to a panda zoo and petting baby pandas? Perhaps this is affordable and less violent or aggressive but eventually your panda dye will wash out and you’ll have to come to terms with just owning a fuzzy dog and not a panda.

  2. Rainbow


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