Catnip is like ganja for felines, so it only makes sense that it would come rolled up in a joint. Stark Raving Cat is selling a 5-pack of these Catnip Joints for $10. It’s about time cats got their own smoke — kitties are notorious for bogarting the J! They’re all “Oof, I’m so high right meow. Are you feline it? I’m feline it.” and you’re like “Puff puff pass, homie! That thing ain’t a microphone.” And that’s when you realize you’re high as a kite, talking to a cat, and man it’s hot in here. Do you think Taco Bell is still open? Haha, of course it is. Fourth Meal. Wish we could just teleport there. You know they’ve got the technology, they’re just hiding it from us. F***ing government, man. It’s a conspiracy!




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Via: Werd