Okay, they’re not really fur camping. Nor are they for camping. But they are meant for your cat. So the title was half right. Me? I’m mostly wrong and the rest of me is questionable. This is a Cat Tipi, a kitty-sized tent. I’ve heard of pup tents, but cat tents? I don’t know. All this talk about tents is getting a little to INtents for me. Jk jk, I’m fine. The Cat Tipis come in a variety of different patterns, all of which are aesthetically pleasing. Not that it matters because your cat will probably opt to play in a paper bag than something you spent your hard earned money on. What? Am I keeping it too real? Sorry, I’ll try and tone down the realness next time. NOT! I’m committed to hard-hitting journalism. Right after I take a bathroom break. I gotta pee!




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