The label “cat lady” carries such a stigma. So often we’re defined by many unfair stereotypes. I mean, sure, more often than not these presumptions ring true, but why people gotta be so judgey? Hell yeah I got my V-card intact, call my mom frequently throughout the day, wear kitty-adorned pajama pants in public, and, of course, hoard a shit-load of cats. Do you know how many that is? Me neither, that’s just a general estimate. When you got all these layers of felines crawling on top of each other, it’s hard to get an accurate head count. But you know what? It’s not enough. I’ve got a lot of love to give! Which is why I’ve gotta pick up some of this Cat Food Scented Soap and then cruise the neighborhood — cats are gonna be swarming. It’ll be like a parade! And I’ll lead them to the promise land. No furreal, I got a scratching post that is outta this world. They”re gonna love it.

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