Canadian photographer Nancy Rose’s backyard is full of squirrels. But instead of getting a big, mean dog annoyed about it, she puts them to work as models in a super cute photo series. In order to capture the squirrels doing stuff like checking the mail and doing laundry she sets up props and hides peanuts for them to find. As the squirrels dig around looking for nuts, she waits for the right moment to capture them on camera. The results are adorable and hilarious and prove once again that squirrels will put up with almost anything for a few peanuts.







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  1. ggugu

    i love squirrels.

  2. Nancy Rose

    Come see my flickr profile and order a calendar for someone you love for a year full of smiles

  3. Konnie

    Nancy Rose, you are AWESOME!! I love squirrels and these photos are absolutely adorable. So much talent – not just in getting squirrels to pose for you, but in the photographs themselves! Fantastic work!!

  4. Lori S

    What kind of squirrel is in the story? I want to buy a matching plush. Looks like a red squirrel sometime??

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