Here are some photos of spiders known to disguise themselves as bird doo-doo to avoid becoming someone’s prey. Good lawd! You know you live in a rough world when you gotta make yourself look like literal shit just to avoid getting eaten. Still, this is some primo work, spidey-dudes! If I walked through one of these spider webs I would be all “NO! GAHHH! IT EVEN HAD A LITTLE BIRD TURD STUCK TO IT!” not realizing that, no, that bird turd is actually a straight up creepy-crawly. I don’t know which is worse! One thing’s for true is: I’m legitimately impressed. I bet you guys would sweep a costume contest with these poo get-ups. Y’all got my vote!






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  1. Christel Platt

    Ill touch poop ANY day if it means I dont have to touch a spider!!