I had a pretty bitchin’ playhouse when I was a kid. It had a few different rooms, some of which had windows, it had storage compartments for storing valuables (crayons and candy), and it had a door that could swing in and out. Of course, the whole thing was made of cardboard boxes and tape, so it only lasted about a week, but that was one sweet week. As awesome as my playhouse was, a five year old boy in Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangeran has one that puts mine (and all others) to shame. That five year old, along with his parents, live in a house designed with one simple principal in mind: fun. The house, made mostly of concrete, has high ceilings, and a lot of open space great for playing in. The best part is the slide that leads directly from the young boy’s bedroom to the kitchen downstairs. I’m sure he thinks the slide is awesome now, but I wonder if the kid will still like it when he’s seventeen?

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