Another day, another Disney Princess mash-up. This time it’s with the internet’s second favorite animal (a close second behind cats), sloths! The series was created by artist and Tumblr-er Phillip Light who says a Facebook convo occured and he needed a break from finals which resulted in the series. That… is interesting. Any Facebook conversations I’m involved with are never longer than three lines tops (ex. Me: Hi Frank! remember me? Them: who r u? Me: it’s me, Brittany!!!! 6th Grade! Math class!!!1 Followed by dead air) and doesn’t inspire me to do anything but lie in bed crying, “But I sat right behind you!” They’ve certainly never inspired me to create a super hilarious mash-up. And it’s a shame too, because you knowww how I feel about mash-ups! I love em. Banana x peanut butter is probably my fave.

disney-princess-as-sloth-2 disney-princess-as-sloth-3 disney-princess-as-sloth-4 disney-princess-as-sloth-5 disney-princess-as-sloth-6 disney-princess-as-sloth-7 disney-princess-as-sloth-8 disney-princess-as-sloth-9 disney-princess-as-sloth-10 disney-princess-as-sloth-11

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