Students Saiko Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi used a CT scanner and an x-ray machine to capture photographs of skeletons snuggling. Weird! Well, you know what they say! The couple that x-rays together, stays together. They say that, right? Something like that. The photos won Saiko and Mayuka a Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award. Well I hope they got two trophies. It’s not really kosh (which is short for kosher FYI) to give two people one award to share. That’s like forcing one winner to murder the other so I can keep the trophy alllllllllllll to myself. What? No, that wasn’t a confession. Haha, you believe me, right? That was just a totally hypothetical situation! I have an alibi and everything!



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  1. Rhonda

    How can I buy the picture for my wall?

  2. Rhonda

    What an ugly picture they posted…….on my post!!!!!!

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