Strange Fruit is a photoseries by designer Sarah Illenberger. She turns regular fruits into some seriously surreal, kooky objects. I’m talking reeeaaaal zainy stuff. There’s a banana shoe, disco pineapple, diamond beetroot, carrot brain… All kinds of WTFery. One thing’s for true is these pics are NOT gonna help with my aversion to eating healthy. I’ve already got trouble choking down an apple without imagining I’ve got all kinds of hair stuck to the roof of my mouth! And don’t even get me started on bananas. As it is, I can’t eat even a banana without thinking of all the starving monkeys out there who are going hungry because I’m eating their damn food. Why should I be fortunate enough to eat a banana when those poor primates have none?! So I don’t eat them. They just sit on the counter and rot and turn all brown and sloopy. That’s around the time I throw them away. It’s like a really selfless sacrafice if you think about it. It’s because I care.


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  1. me

    these ase not surreal. It goes beyond it.