Peggy Wang over at BuzzFeed spotted Etsy shop BSTJ and asked: Is This The Best Etsy Store Ever? Now that I’ve perused the shop myself, I am wondering: will someone hold me? I’m scared. Maybe your girlfriend dumped you and you’d like a new companion to keep you company. How about this watermelon with a ponytail braid wearing a baseball cap? Have you been searching for a rose wrapped in a Subway meatball sandwich for that special someone? Well look no further. Did you ever think: Hey, this decor is alright, but I could really use a chicken nugget sculpture to tie the room together? You’re in luck — they got it all! Ever dreamt of owning a padlocked, vacuum sealed Doritos Locos Taco? Only in my wildest dreams! In my tamer ones, the taco isn’t padlocked and vacuum sealed, is the only difference.









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  1. Dvs

    How much for the banded wieners? It comes with a Supercuts clicky pen!

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