Usually when you think “vegetable insects” the image of maggots squirming out of the rot holes of a sloppy, old tomato comes to mind. That’s what my brain conjures up, anyway. So this photo series by Geenpeace is like, THE ONE AND ONLY TIME it’s cool to combine insects and veggies. It’s part of a campaign called “Do You Know What You Eat?” in hopes that consumers will consider the fact that genetically modified plants can contain the genes of insects, animals and even viruses. Thankfully, I only eat stuff like candy, Twinkies, meatloaf, Cheez Whiz, tacos (without lettuce, obvi) and other non-vegetable foods. I even steer clear of things that are remotely vegetable-ish, like onion rings and french fries. So I’m totally in the clear on this one. However, the rest of you need to watch those veggies you’re throwing down your throat. You could be causing all kinds of harm to your health! I care way too much about you to see you go at the hand of some genetically modified arugula.

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