The folks over at Maptia brings us these illustrations explaining untranslatable words from different languages. They based the information on Guy German’s book titled Through The Language Glass. The series is educational AND super adorable. Which, if you want me to learn anything, you gotta be both. Like how I finally got the hang of multiplication — I just had cute kittens hold up flash cards for me and I got it just like *snap* that!

1 x 6 = 7
4 x 4 = 18
3 x 9 = 39

See? I could do this with my eyes closed and hands tied behind my back. I’m a pro!








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  1. sharadiya

    Bhallagchena (bengali)….two words said as one….that feeling of inexplicable boredom, ennui, weariness….what a mundane day at work might do to you

  2. Kate

    Shadenfreude (german) the feeling of joy mixed with relief you feel when something bad is happening to someone else

  3. portuguese peter

    sobremesa its portuguese

  4. santiago

    might be, but also widely used in spanish speaking countries

  5. La Eu

    true, I’m from Latin America and we say sobremesa

  6. Gabriel

    What about “saudade”? It is a brazilian portuguese noun that names the feeling of missing someone. It actually doesn’t exist in any other language.

  7. Dennis

    I thought “saudade” was more specific to the feeling of missing someone you know you can’t have or something along those lines.

  8. Woss

    What’s the word for walking along the side of an arriving train even though you’ve been waiting in the same spot for it to arrive?

  9. Emma Jane Richards

    hiraeth (welsh)

  10. Tine

    we have that word in danish, we just say Skadefro..

  11. Kiko Olivera

    How about “aigo” (아이고) – multi-purpose word in Korean. It can mean oops, ouch, gosh, cut-it-out-cuz-yer-getting-on-my-nerves, etc.

  12. superspoof

    defenestration (english) – the act of throwing someone out the window (as seen on TV in old american westerns).

  13. Burrito D.

    I don’t know, but I hate people that do it. Including myself

  14. Mike

    the last one is inuition

  15. Mariana

    It’s not only about someone, it could be anything, it could also be about missing something that didn’t happen or that hasn’t happen yet…

  16. Mar

    the word exists in spanish “defenestrado”.

    Window in french is “fenêtre” so maybe there’s a word in french too…

  17. Shivani

    saudade- a portuguese word that describes the physical ache of longing or nostalgia for someone, some thing or some place …

  18. Marcelo

    “Sobremesa” in Portuguese is “postre” in Spanish. “Sobremesa” in Spanish is the definition posted here.