The Dildomaker is a pencil sharpener-esque device that shaves an object into the shape of a dingaling. The gadget is brought to us by designer Francesco Morackini. I’m prettyyyyy sure it’s just a concept, otherwise, I don’t know how am I’m gonna get any sleep tonight. He shows off several examples of objects that can be weiner-fied like a carrot, tree branch, block of cheese… All kinds of stuff you shouldn’t be putting in or around your hoo-hah or too-tay. Francesco even crafted a faux-dong out of a burning candle! Which… certainly brings new meaning to the term “fire crotch.” But did we NEED a new meaning for fire crotch? No. The answer is no.



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  1. anon

    woah man this is the best invention don’t shit on it
    it’s an improvement on the cucumber

  2. why


  3. why

    why this

  4. im done

    im done
    i am so done

    i cant even finish this

    i am fucking done

  5. cc

    this cant be healthy

  6. nunya

    That is hilarious.

  7. jimmyjuicey

    How do you order/get one?

  8. ia

    i want one to fool my classmates

  9. Momma

    “Classmates”= Myself alone in my bedroom 🙂

    Fuck yer classmates!

    Keep it for yourself

  10. JHG

    Raymond Loewy would be spinning in his grave (no pun intended). It’s surprising how effortlessly an icon of streamline design is repurposed to turn regular sausage into gentleman’s sausage.

  11. dude

    i want one. duude. I would just go around making things into dicks all day.

  12. boogiety

    this cant miss, would love to get in on this venture. you had to see what the cost of a no thrills dildo cost. this is beyond words. contact me like i said i want in on this

  13. Char

    I need one my fingers staring to wear down

  14. fifthdentist

    I’d also like to get in on some of that Penis Mightier action, too.

  15. 7thWheel

    Imagine the look on your guests face when you serve bratwursts at your next BBQ

  16. jamie

    The wooden one would be soo hot getting a nice thick length of wood up inside me.

  17. Pussy Destroyer

    Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it fucking should.

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