Everyday the TSA confiscates items deemed too risky for flights. Like cupcakes for example. Many of these items are auctioned off, some are trashed, others are eaten by the agents themselves. And then there’s artist Christopher Locke, who uses TSA confiscated scissors to create these Scissor Spiders. Personally, they give me the creepy crawlies. But if you’re into that sort of thing, you can pick up a custom big and little spider pair for $350. Man, some of these TSA bans are kinda silly. Like the other day I saw in the paper that they’re going to ban tweezers. I originally read the headline as “TSA Bans Twizzlers” which totally made sense to me because, c’mon! F*** Twizzlers, they’re disgusting. But tweezers? Guys, tweezers are too busy fighting the war on uni-brow to try any funny business. Let em fly!

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Via: dvice.com


  1. Ciarin

    Your info on he TSA is quite inaccurate and absurd. Cool piders though.

  2. Amber

    How does the artist come to have the TSA-confiscated scissors? Are they auctioned off? From the airport or a central location? I’m curious.

  3. Kohaku

    Airports usually send all items to a sort of warehouse/outlet where people can purchase unclaimed and confiscated items.

  4. Sarah

    I used to work at YYC (Calgary, AB, Canada), every non-permitted item that was surrendered to us, was given to our chapel located within the airport and they held a little flea market of all the items that they had available.