Artist Dave Pollot collects thrift shop paintings and updates them with pop culture type stuff. Stuff like Darth Vader, a LEGO brick, the Apple icon, Duff beer, etc. Fortunately NOT pop culture type stuff like any of the Kardashians, that What Does The Fox Say song, or Miley Cyrus’s tongue. Put it away! Great, now I sound like my gramma. Someone turn on my stories, don’t make me get my belt! You can buy prints at Dave’s Etsy shop for just $15 or you can head to your local thrift shop, pick up some corny paintings, and make your very own! Sure, yours won’t look as good as Dave’s, but I’m sure your mom will figure out a way to hang it on the fridge. We’re gonna need a bigger magnet!









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  1. ash

    Yup! 🙂

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