This is a collection of Black Light Bodyscapes by artist and photographer John Poppleton. John paints these landscapes onto female models and lights them with a black light. As you can see, the black light really makes them pop! Also, if you try really hard and believe in yourself, you can see some serious side boob, too.














See videos of the blacklight body paintings at John’s Youtube pager HERE.


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  1. charles freeman

    side boob aside, these are extraordinary!

  2. Tntlwg

    That’s a full moon if you know what I mean lol All joking aside, these pictures combined something beautiful with something beautiful very tastefully! Great job!

  3. Josh Doancer

    NICE I NEED to get my loveable wife these reimagining designs

  4. Chloe


  5. BillSaidIt

    It’s more my style to finger paint on canvas like that

  6. Mobile Fun USA

    Some people are just incredibly creative.

  7. nykaly

    very nice

  8. Joy

    Really? REALLY? You couldn’t just let the stunning artwork stand on its own without making a comment about SIDE BOOB???

  9. Sushilkumar

    Looking Good

  10. M.

    the ‘side boob’ comment sicken me. this was about the art, not about the sexualiation of a woman’s body

  11. Kashmiri

    Very impressive but I disagree with M. Though this excellent art , it DOES sexualize woman’s body. To view it any other way is just wishful thinking.

  12. Kashmiri

    The very reason only women were selected for this is bcoz of the innate appeal of female form’s sexual appeal. Male form though appealing is not generally considered as sexually seductive even by women

  13. Hazel Swayzle

    so salty

  14. LolFemiNazi

    I came here for the side boob

  15. Reinier Basson

    you just bitter coz you have no side boob

  16. Lilac

    That is one of the most bullshit statements Ive heard. Men are sexually appealing to straight women. But women get sexualized more often because nobody cares about what is sexually appealing to women. Women are used as sexual objects for he heterosexual male audience. Besides this entire post is about art. I think it should have been done on the bodies of both genders.

  17. name

    Wow. You’re a class A jackass. And you’re clearly a male. Of course women’s bodies only exist for men to sexualize them right? We’re not people.

  18. name

    I’m really not surprised that the artist was a male. There are no naked male models. Why are women sexualized everywhere?

  19. Alex A

    Great art!

    I’m not sure what people are talking about. Naked ≠ sex. Yah, humans are sexual creatures, but that really has nothing to do with any of these images! You must be some sick bastard if all you think about is sex just because you see a female body. Are people only beautiful with cloths on. Is fabric the only thing one can adorn a person.

  20. Bernard Black

    Wow.. I think your defenses are blocking your logic and critical reading abilities. Why don’t you lower them a bit and try again?

  21. Sympathy

    someone has sand in her vagina. Also the artwork is a litte kitsch.

  22. luje

    I love sideboob. It’s the best part of the boob.

  23. Aimee

    Maybe as a male he’d be more interested in the beauty of females…….

  24. kalyani

    I am a woman. I love the art and like the bodies too.

  25. pplrdum

    Well its a good thing that the artist and the cavas’ didnt hold off their decision to see what the world thinks of their idea or all you dumb people would have halted art with your dumbass sexist pc reasoning!…’s sexy art on sexy girls…want to see a beer gut and hairy ass crack with paint on it have your own man stop at the craft store on the way home! Otherwise stumble on….

  26. BBakeca

    It’s so beautiful!

  27. AverageInternet

    mother nature? its an interesting medium. using people as a canvas and the using a black-light to illuminate the image. even the use of reflection on the ground/table or what not on some of the water scenes. nature is beautiful and i think the artist was clever to use seemingly beautiful women in their art.

  28. Aw

    No but it wouldn’t hurt to see a sexy man with art on him. Doesn’t have to be the direct opposite JUST A DIFFERENT SEX. you dumb bloak.

  29. ahmed negm


  30. mikey b

    hot women and cool paintings, that’s what it is and it is awesome 🙂

  31. Defenseman13

    fuck you, SIDE BOOB RULES

  32. Defenseman13

    Your side boob probably tucks into your belt

  33. Defenseman13

    sexualized? Are you retarded? There’s nothing here about sex.

  34. Defenseman13

    Side boob

  35. Defenseman13

    I fapped, am I a sick person? Lots of judging happening in this thread.

  36. Shockeye

    Needs more side boob.

  37. Guest

    Still salty. It was a mention about side boob, not a complaint. You must not get a whole lot of attention or something.

  38. Jake Fritzinger

    Still salty. It was a mention about side boob, not a complaint. You must not get a whole lot of attention or something..

  39. Jake Fritzinger

    Nude bodies are never just about art. That’s just a clever and “classy” way to hide perversion. And that’s all fine, because it is WAY more artistic. Ever notice how you never see fat girls as centerpieces for these kinds of artwork? Sexualization does have it’s role in body art. It’s just nicer to the eye, which is the point.

  40. Christian Riese Lassen

    Why didn’t I think of this?!? All of my stuff ended up on Trapper Keepers!

  41. Robb

    dude you have a lot to learn about human nature.. women are beautiful, this is called art. this isn’t some slut twerking in a pepsi commercial.

  42. Robb

    i wonder how many of these women he slept with…i know modeling is a legitimate biz but that guy can fucking paint. im givin him 9 for 13

  43. firefly_utu

    “Hate fap” brilliant 😀

  44. kia

    I took a second to think about what you said. The symbolism behind a woman’s form (a particular body type for women) supports what is being represented with the art. I’m assuming that “natural beauty”, even broken down into “nature” and “beauty” take on a feminine appeal for most people. Given the type of art, this is great. I can think of instances where the male form would be beautiful under black light and paint as well.

  45. JustPlainEd

    This artwork is flowing, delicate, simple and subtle in tone; muted yet dramatic in texture. It is organic and curvaceous yet dramatic in its flowing swirls. The colors are vibrant yet subtle and the saturation is organic. The depth of negative space is profound. But most of all, the naked chicks are really hot. I love the side boob.

  46. bruce

    I would have liked to see more meshing with the female form. Use more sexuality in the images. To me that would have clinched it. Look at man rays “Le Violon d’Ingres,” 1924. Its a symbolic statement. Beautiful images still.

  47. Sohan Dewan

    WoooW !! in a word it’s brilliant work.

  48. Bakeca Milano

    yes it does, it really rules 🙂

  49. Brian Patrick Murphy

    This is very cool! Thats all I have to say about it!

  50. Cornellius Maximilianus

    I love boobs

  51. Sharad Yaapoo

    If it’s really body art, it’s awesome. But still I doubt it, it’s so perfect.

  52. girl

    No, I agree.. I’m straight, but the female form is meant to be more appealing and sexual, whatever you want to call it, men are rugged, and yes we are attracted to that. but that’s not the point to this.

  53. yup

    the point to the whole page of pictures is not what the art is on. say like paper, glass, clothes, or even as it is on skin, but its that look art in its self beautiful theres nothing about it to lean towards sexualizing until one makes it that way

  54. Adam Shattock

    “Also, if you try really hard and believe in yourself, you can see some serious side boob, too.”

    Apparently this is the source of the side booby. Author probably hasn’t got a social life and spends days flapping about when fapping should be done, in my opinion. Not that “my” has an opinion worth reading.

    As for the rest of you, grown up you are not. May the fap be your hourly pleasure instead…

    This is incredibly good art and a great newer use of digital photographic skill.

  55. Tom Gom

    Seeing people mad never fails to entertain me.

  56. dynastyteam

    it is so amazing

  57. Matt Friedland


    – Matt

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