Just like any internationally famous celeb, we know A LOT of personal details about Barbie. We know what her depressing home life with Ken is like, we know that she’s a hoarder, and we even know what she looks like under her skin. But what we’ve never seen is what she looks like without makeup. Until now. Mexico based artist and designer Eddi Aguirre shows us what she’d look like au naturel. I’d like to say she’s still beautiful and doesn’t need makeup, woman power, and all that… buuuut… the thing is… she looks kinda busted. She’s got heavy bags under her eyes, weird smile lines, freckles, acne, frizzy hair, and—okay the braces are actually pretty cute.


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Via: designtaxi.com


  1. mickrussom

    meth barbie

  2. Fuzzbum

    No make up selfie

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