Remember Millie Brown, the artist who paints by vomiting? (I know, how could you forget, right?) Well here’s a painting technique that’s not quite as disgusting, but will still probably make you feel a bit nauseous. Art teacher Ani K. from Kerala, India paints with his tongue. He was inspired by a story about an artist that paints using his feet and decided he wanted to be even weirder. He started out by painting with his nose, but realized that it didn’t give him enough control. Obvious dirty jokes aside, he’s pretty talented with his tongue. Just in case you’re wondering, he’s using edible/non-toxic paints in order to prevent getting sick—just kidding! He’s using oil paints and suffered from terrible headaches and nausea in the beginning. But now he’s getting used to it and can finish a painting in a couple of days. Sounds healthy. On a related note, I’m gonna buy up a bunch of his paintings because surely they’ll be worth money after he dies of paint poisoning.

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