Cross-stitch is definitely on the list of boring hobbies only old people like—right up there with stamp collecting and bird watching. But after years of politely blowing off Grandma’s offers to teach you, you’re going to wish you had taken her up on it. Artist and designer Theo Humphries takes typical cross-stitch patterns you’d expect to see on your grandparents’ sofa pillows and jazzes them up with unexpected details. With a few small changes to the pattern an adorable polar bear becomes a merciless baby seal killer and a serene countryside scene becomes the site of a nuclear explosion. If you’re interested in making your own Crapestry, Humphries explains the process on his website. And if that sounds way too hard, all of the artwork featured on the site is available to order.

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  1. Sarah

    “Cross-stitch is definitely on the list of boring hobbies only old people like” – I call bullshit on that. I’m in about 15 or so cross stitch groups on facebook and it’s DEFINITELY not just old people who like it. You’ve obviously never stitched before or you’d have heard of HAED (Heaven And Earth Designs) or some of the other designers who create patterns for us stitchers to turn into works of art. The amount of work we lavish upon our projects is really a labor of love. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this sort of design, subversive/irreverant designs have actually been around for years – I read an article about a WWII POW who stitched defiant messages into his pictures – but to totally rip down something which has been a huge part of my and other people’s lives is what is offensive to me. I was horribly bullied from the time I was in the first grade until my senior year in high school and my cross stitch/crafts and band class were the only things that got me through it. I started doing counted cross stitch on February 8, 1992 during the opening ceremonies of the 1992 Winter Olympics (I’m 33 now, so definitely NOT old) and I couldn’t imagine not stitching. Some of the pieces I’ve seen other stitchers create blow me away with the time and effort taken. And it’s a great way to work out the grieving process – I am currently stitching White Willow Stitching’s Rosefly in memory of my granny, who passed away last April, for my sister and will be stitching HAED’s QS Rose Fairy as well in memory of granny for me. Maybe you might want to research a bit more before you insult a whole group of people by saying only old people are cross stitchers. We – and we’re a group of all ages, from 5 to as old as possible – are a vibrant community of stitchers who love our hobby, which can be more than a hobby, it’s a form of therapy from life’s hurts and stresses.

  2. Bill Riley


    I think I know why you were made fun of in school It has nothing to do with your hobbies, but rather your tendency to get sand in your ass whenever someone states a commonly held stereotype about one of your hobbies. Let me elaborate; had you said “Hey, just a heads up – people of all ages cross stitch, you should check it out!” I would have sad something along the lines of “Hey, that’s neat, maybe I will check it out”. Your comment above just makes me want to lay into you for lashing out at others.

    So, to summarize, don’t be defensive of your hobby to the point of stupidity, and folks will stop teasing you about it. You’re welcome.

  3. Kathy

    I rarely post on blogs, but I have to lend my support to Sarah. I have been an avid cross stitcher since I was 10yrs old (35 years now). Just because you don’t enjoy a hobby doesn’t mean that many other people do. You are entitled to your opinion, but that doesn’t mean that everyone holds that same opinion. I am pretty sure that I will not visit this site again.

  4. Lily

    Really….after that first sentence, I wouldn’t follow you to the bathroom, let alone on Facebook or Pinterest.

  5. Mrs Tingle

    Cross stitching is definitely not just for old people! A lot of the people i know are around my age (22) and have enjoyed it since their early teens. Don’t see how its fair to stereotype fans of a hobby and if the site hadn’t done that i may well have ordered but seeing as they insult you with the very first line i don’t think i’ll bother.

  6. Amanda

    Bill Riley, bet you were a bully in school seeing as how youre a dick now.

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