What do most people do with fish they bring home from the market? If you’re normal you’d probably gut it and eat. (Actually if you’re really normal you buy that stuff pre-cut so you don’t ever have to look at their cold dead eyes staring back at you.) If you’re… not so normal like Paris based artist Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard, you might make a weird-ass photo series of fish working on assembly lines or in laboratories. The series is called “Les Temps Modernes” (Modern Times in English) probably because in these modern times no one’s going to question your sanity for doing something like dressing up little fishies and taking pictures of them.







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  1. Emily Newsome

    It’s incredible that I’m probably the first and so far the only one commenting here.

  2. big_jesus

    fish. heads. fish. heads. roly poly fish. heads.

  3. priority goose

    Animals dressed as humans may be my favourite thing

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