Navigating through a busy city when you’re trying to get somewhere can be a nightmare. People stop on the steps to chat or check their phone, meanwhile you’ve got a train to catch. Since people will never get a clue and learn to be courteous, Dutch design firm HIK Ontwerpers decided to install a transfer accelerator—which is their fancy term for slide. Commuters who are in a rush (or just want to add a little fun to their day) are encouraged to use the slide to quickly get to the bottom of the steps at the Overvecht Station. It seems like a great way to save a few seconds while you’re running late, but it’s hard not to imagine it overrun with teenagers trying to use it for skate tricks.

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  1. Rose

    What a stair gap! …hmm

  2. Loznev

    It’s all fun and game until somebody pees on it.