Home Alone is like the greatest holiday films from the early 90s. It made us laugh, it made us cry, it made us want to hug the creepy old man next door until he hissed at us and that’s when we realized that movies do not represent real life: creepy old man next door is still creepy and probably really does bury dead bodies in the backyard. No? Just me? Regardless, Home Alone is a classic. Which is why I’m loving this Home Alone x The Scream mash up sold over at Bottle Of Smoke. That’s pretty much the most iconic scene in the whole film: when Kevin McCallister slaps aftershave on his face and is like “AHHHH!” That, and also when Kev’s terrifying the pizza delivery kid and he mouths “Keep the change you filthy animal.” Which PSA time: f***ing with a pizza delivery person is like, the Eighth Deadly Sin. There is a special place in hell for people for sickos who do junk like that. Sorry Macaulay! You dun goofed.


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