This is a series called Disney Dwellings by B for Bel. B’s imagined what your favorite Disney Princess’ favorite room might look like. She’s dreamed up Princess Jasmine’s, Cinderella’s, and Mulan’s bedrooms, Ariel’s treasure trove, Snow White’s and Sleeping Beauty’s cottages, Belle’s dining room, and Jane’s camp. Each contains furniture, decor, clothing, knicknacks, doodads, thingamabobs, and other accessories that reflect its princess’s tastes. If it were my room? Well my room would have less that enchanted whimsical feel to it and more of a… how do I say this? Piles of laundry that I’m not sure are clean or dirty, no sheets on the bed because I’m too lazy for all that mess, fast food wrappers and discarded pizza boxes under the bed, plus some half drank bottles of booze. Jk jk, only empty bottles of booze. No child booze left behind!

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  1. sidney

    good one!

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