Disney University is a series by DeviantARTist Hyung86 depicting Disney characters as college students. Huh! So if Simba the Lion King went to college he would become human? That’s a weird turn of events. PLOT TWIST. Hey, I wonder if I sent my cat to college, would she become human, too? Yeah, you’re right: she’d probably just sleep all day and terrify her roommate. So… no change, basically!

disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-2 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-3 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-4 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-5 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-6 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-7 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-8 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-9 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-10 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-11 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-12 disney-prince-princess-characters-college-students-13

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  1. PissedOff

    I’m really getting tired of this uninspired tripe.

  2. artoym


  3. ConfusedDisneyFan

    Who’s the guy with the bow before Pinocchio?

  4. Breisil

    just foda!

  5. Fia

    Robin Hood, the fox.

  6. arianna

    I thought it was supposed to be Gaston from beauty and the best cuz he’s got an arrow and now

  7. Sarah

    Robin hood?