When I was a kid, I really enjoyed coloring. Unfortunately, like most kids, I had trouble staying inside the lines…. and on the paper. On more than one occasion, my mom had to stop me from coloring on the floor, the walls, and the furniture. Thanks to the Blackboard chalkboard storage cabinet, I can finally call her up and tell her “Up yours! I can draw on the furniture whenever I want!! Oh, and thanks for the new pots and pans.” You can use chalk to draw anything you’d like on the front of this cabinet, and you can wipe it away with one swipe of the eraser if you’re not happy with your latest work of art. Throwing a dinner party? That obscene drawing can be whisked away, and transformed into a lovely drawing of a flower. Your imagination is the only limit! Oh, and sorry for yelling mom, I really do appreciate the pots and pans.

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