Design student Shurong Diao put together the alphabet using her long beautiful hair. There’s a good chance you didn’t notice she even had any hair, because: butts. EVERYWHERE. The same butt. Over and over again. But (BUTT!) once you get past alllllllll of that, you might notice the cool typeface she’s created. More like typehair, har har! God, I slay me. Wait, did I say slay? I meant hate.

human-hair-alphabet-2 human-hair-alphabet-3

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  1. Jana Neal


  2. Majo

    Hello! I’m from the Philippines and we have some kind of digital art contest until September 21 this year… and I find all these figures beautiful and fortunately it fits my idea for my entry.. if you do mind :) Can I borrow some and give you credit for these :) I badly need it… Thank you very much…

  3. Majo

    If you dont*