Artist Damien Hirst has designed the latest Vipp trashcan. You can score your very own for just $595! Alternatively, you could use that cash money to pay my rent so I don’t have to live out of my car for another month. Just… think about it, okay? As Marina Galperina of so eloquently described the fancy pants garbage bin: “It’s a f***ing trashcan. With the spots on them.” As in, it doesn’t like have some kind of futuristic technology that keeps the waste from smelling, it doesn’t empty itself… this thing is just a regular, smelly ass trashcan with polka dots. So, yeah, totally worth every penny for those wealthy folks who’ve run out of ways to spend their money. God, why can’t you people swim in a vault full of your riches like a regular person Scrooge McDuck?!

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  1. Tracey

    And the dots don’t even line up!