The next time you feel compelled to draw a mustache over the fashion model in the bus stop ad, think to yourself, “Am I really improving this poster?” You might consider yourself a great street artist who’s making a statement against commercialism, but at the end of the day you’re just a kid with a sharpie. French Street Artist Thom Thom may share your sentiments about commercialism, but the difference lies in the fact that people actually want to look at his work. Thom Thom’s vibrant, mosaic style breathes new life into the originals, converting a typical ad into an a striking work of art. His approach is just as unique as his artwork—Thom Thom starts by cutting away pieces of the original, and then reconstructs it into a new form.

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  1. Joel

    I dunno. If I paid for the billboard, I’d consider this guy just a vandal with a razorblade.