Thomas Kinkade, he’s kinda like the Jar Jar Binks of the art world—everyone knows him, no one likes him, but for some reason there’s still a bunch of merchandise. Artist Jeff Bennett decided to make Kinkade’s pretty, yet excruciatingly dull paintings a lot more interesting by adding stuff from Star Wars in a series he calls “Wars on Kinkade.” Now the paintings feature more than serene little cottages tucked away in the woods with no apparent light source or focal point—they’ve got At-Ats and Stormtroopers and other cool Star Wars stuff! Check out the whole series on Bennett’s Deviant Art page.





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  1. huishuis

    much better

  2. Lin Barber

    no i like the idea of a cottage with the lights on its wam , inviting & cozy he may not have been monet but his art served his purpoose

  3. Fishalicious

    Love this so much. Kinkade paintings are bland and insipid, but the storm troopers help!

  4. Russell Smith

    I think shear forces would tear a Star Destroyer that low in the atmosphere apart. Otherwise, love ’em.

  5. Jim Craig

    It sure does. It sells calendars, mugs and insipid greeting cards to people who never ask, “Where is the light in this picture coming from?”

  6. Julie Pascal

    Yes. Depressing and dark is soooo much more intelligent. It’s like “hey, I’m smart” short-hand so you can separate yourself from the insipid people.

    (The Kinkade/Star Wars mash-ups are a hoot, but they’d be just as great without the side order of snob.)

  7. Jeff McCabe

    And gives pretentious people an opportunity to call things they don’t like, but others do “insipid”.

  8. Han Ng

    Sometime before this happened, the residents of those cottages were all like, “This location is so much better for our hidden rebel base than that horrible ice planet. Hoth? What the hell were we thinking?”

  9. Sam L.

    And I though TIE fighters only worked in space.

  10. Mastro63

    The lighting in the bottom painting is classic Kinkade- it looks like the house is on fire- not really inviting!

  11. Mastro63

    I don’t think I’m pretentious- Kinkade just sux.

  12. Jim

    What, no Ewoks?

  13. Nonya

    Too insipid…

  14. FancyLad

    Kinkade paintings are hobbitish, evoking English country gardens, cosy cottages, rustic wholesome fare, etcetera. Plebeian elysiums in other words.

    Not all art has to be Bacon, Whiteread and Heron.

  15. Tiggeh McLoud

    Who the frack cares where “The light is coming from”? Most people aren’t pretentious art dorks, most people won’t even notice that the light doesn’t have a source. I sure didn’t, and I can assure you I’m smarter than you.

    Most people buy art that looks good to THEM. I know that pisses off art dorks who want to tell people what and what not to hang in their houses; but for most people art just isn’t that important.

  16. Millie_Woods

    A lot of people look at Star Wars and think ‘dorky’. We’re not all into make beliefs space cadet

  17. 5JimBob

    You don’t understand. The house only has one room. That’s why every window has light coming through it.

  18. rabidfox2

    Kinkade is a successful artist who managed to sell his vision to the masses. Good for him.

  19. JeffRbee

    Re: “Where is the light in this picture coming from?” Your question made me laugh out loud. It’s so outside – and antithetical – to Kincade’s compulsory phoney gemutlichkeit. Sort of like, when you’re five years old, being told, “Your mother serves you dead moo-cows.”

  20. JeffRbee

    MORE BLOOD!!!!

  21. Ritchie The Riveter

    “Kinkade, I find your lack of black, disturbing …”

  22. Mary123s

    Bacon??? Where????

  23. Governor Squid

    Transformed from the Minivan-Gogh to the Obi-Wan Gogh. Much better!

  24. Plein

    Seriously? You “don’t think art is that important”? and you think you’re smarter than anyone who says otherwise? I’m an artist. Thanks a pantload for totally disrespecting my life’s work. What do you do for a living? I bet it’s not all that important. Art serves man in a lot of ways that most people (especially you) never consciously perceive. In fact, there was art before there was math, science, and even language. Art inspires and is the very father (mother) of the sciences. Good art is difficult to define, and those of us who are involved in the pursuit try for perfection, though we know we’ll never reach it. All this article says is that this guy got off the bus early. If you like his stuff, fine. Buy it. (have you?) Some people get their ‘art’ from furniture stores and pay by the square inch.
    Just don’t say those (quoted) words around anybody with a better than room temperature IQ. You’ll be dismissed or laughed at right away.

  25. BrendaK

    Too insipid for a Kinkade?! Shirley, you jest.

  26. Grizzly

    Not enough explosions! Where’s the Princess in her metal bikini?

  27. werewife

    You can’t be arguing that these aren’t an improvement, though…

  28. werewife

    Please. We’ve got Constable, Renoir, Murillo, and many more if we want heartwarming, pleasant images that aren’t kitsch. There’s no need to defend Kinkade beyond there being no accounting for taste.

  29. Chuck Voellinger

    Is there a more humorless group of people than art critics? What a boring party they would throw.

  30. cheeflo

    Was a successful artist. Died in 2012.

  31. Jim Craig

    No snobbery intended. There’s good art and there’s bad art. Nor am I trying to say, “Hey, I’m smart.”

    I’m just saying that Thomas Kinkade is a hack and that there are other, more talented artists out there whose work is going unnoticed while this guy’s stuff is making a fortune.

    But what’s to be expected of a society that turns “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” into a hit TV show?

  32. Jim Craig

    “I can assure you I’m smarter than you.”

    Who’s pretentious?

    But, if you’re going to start comparing cerebral prowess, my degree is in physics.

  33. kwo

    Did you ever figure out where the lighting comes from in a Titian or a Van Gogh? How about a Munch or a Warhol?

  34. Jason

    “Got off the bus early”….awesome 🙂

  35. Jeremy Parks

    Looking at the foremost Star Destroyer, on it’s left (your right) wing,
    there is a glowing moon or a sun. It has just rained. There are
    reflections in the puddles and a mist that is diffusing the light and making
    it slightly glow.Yes? No? Maybe so?

  36. Paul

    The last one is too cluttered in my opinion, it would have been so much better with just the one single lone star destroyer floating through the clouds without all the rest. A sense of dread to the tranquility.

  37. Jacqueline Cahill

    Yes, there was art before math, science, and langauage bc it took longer to figure out math, science, and language. Art is enhancing and wonderful, but I don’t think you quite proved your point here! All my kids figure out how to scribble before add!

  38. Jacqueline Cahill

    Yes, that proves everything! You won!

  39. Mastro63

    The light is the same intensity in every window? Only if it was on fire!

  40. Mastro63

    Yeah- those guys are just like Kinkade.

  41. Jacqueline Cahill

    He made a very good living. Talent is not enough all of the time…he understood his market and profitted accordingly.

  42. Mastro63

    If you buy his art – you will probably actually look at it for more than the 5 seconds people at the mall give it.

    Then you will wonder “What is it with the lighting?!”

  43. 5JimBob

    Yep, best guess I could think of.

  44. 5JimBob

    Re: who buys art. i don’t think that’s true, at least at the top end. They buy art they think will appreciate. Why else would you want to own a half a cow in encased in plastic.

    You can at least eat a jar of pickled pig knuckles..

  45. Tom

    You mis-spelled gemütlichkeit, you luddite.

    Then again, you’re smarter than I. I’m glad I realized others are much smarter than me when I was 1/2way through my pre-med training.

  46. Tom

    Interestingly, Mr/s. Mastro63, if you fancied yourself an artist, you
    would look to photography as well, and look at a dusk/twilight exposure
    set to a slow ISO. Light really bounces all around. Could be that
    Kinkade had the forethought to actually paint like this?

    I don’t know, and I wouldn’t claim to know. I like looking at his works as much as HR Giger. (In case you don’t know, he paints very DARK things, also strangely without a light source….)

    One would
    think, that as an artist, there really are different ways to look at
    this world.

  47. Sigh

    I must say. Every image I have ever seen on the internet has an argument. It is very strange to me. Shouldn’t everyone except everyone has different opinions. Everyone is made for one thing and that does not conclude who is smarter.

  48. docrings

    My favorite was a painting that had a sunset BEHIND a rainbow. Physics was not his strong suit.

  49. docrings

    And another one that had a crescent moon that faced AWAY from the sunset… DOH!

  50. Jewlord

    WAAAAAY better this way

  51. Jim Craig

    Ms. Cahill, Tiggeh McCloud wrote, “I can assure you I’m smarter than you.” Scroll up. You can read it for yourself.

    That may be one of the most arrogant and pretentious things I’ve ever read. I called this person (no gender given so no gender assumed) on it. My counterargument is that I have a degree in physics so I have to have at least some measurable modicum of smarts. If Tiggeh can show me some demonstrable reason I should think that he/she is smarter, I’ll concede the point.

    It’s not a matter of winning anything. But if you’re going to have a well reasoned argument, that wasn’t the way to do it.

    If someone can demonstrate to me that Thomas Kinkade was anything other than a hack as an artist, I’ll retract anything I wrote on the subject. Maybe he was an incredibly nice guy. Maybe he helped old ladies by carrying their groceries. I’m not questioning him as a human being. I’m making a critique of his paintings. Frankly, I think they’re horrendous, schmaltzy nonsense with syrupy, greeting card sentimentality but no hit of real emotion.

    He may have sold millions of dollars worth of paintings in his lifetime and they may continue to sell. That doesn’t make them good. Do they evoke any kind of emotional response? Do they show growth as an artist? Is there some new technique or style? Are they any better than the stuff you see on saw blades at the Payette County Fair or at the huge living room painting sale down at the Marriott?

    Popularity isn’t the measure of the quality of anything produced. Remember that beneath the golden arches, it reads “Billions Sold.” That doesn’t make the Big Mac gourmet food.

  52. Jim Craig

    Someone actually compared Kinkade to Titian, Van Gogh, Munch and Warhol?


  53. Michael Whiteshoes

    These are great. Kinkade is the Ed Hardy of the art world. Yes I went to art school. Will gladly take out my brain and weigh it on a scale against yours and/or armwrestle you for your girlfriend or a bottle of rye whiskey.

  54. Mark M

    Kinkade is like the McDonalds of art. He found a product that could sell on a mass scale, but also attracted mass criticism. Personally I like both products – McDonalds offers an enjoyable cheap treat that I enjoy now and again, and Kinkade’s paintings, although I wouldn’t have one on my wall, do have a strange ambient quality to them that makes a part of my brain go gooey. Funnily enough, I have one as my desktop picture just now.

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