One would assume Barbie lives the perfect life (I mean, if you don’t count her hoarding addiction). But you know what they say — Money doesn’t buy happiness. And apparently Barbie’s Dream House, pink Ferrari, and all those damn shoes don’t guarantee a happy marriage. Photographer Dina Goldstein brings us this never before seen look into the real lives of Barbie & Ken. There’s tension! Betrayal! Depression! Closeted homosexuality! Identity crisiseseses! It’s like a soap opera except without all the witches and little people.

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  1. Ana Gil

    Love this photos!

  2. Doug Batton

    Ah yes, the old “Ken is gay” joke. This would have been hilarious in 1997. I would have laughed my ass off back then, maybe.

  3. djou

    Doug, I don’t think that was meant to be funny.

  4. nubwaxer

    gi joe is definitely the gay one. ken is just a metro–what do you call them?

  5. Russ

    how is this even remotely funny?

    why is it that Ken is the one who’s got issues and Barbie is the good one?

    who’s to say that Barbie isn’t looking for a Sugar Daddy and spends all of Ken’s Hard Earned money on crap?

    why do you make the man the bad guy?

  6. SherylEatCrowe

    You aren’t getting it. Its just another miserable marriage where both parties are not getting what they want. Living the status quo but wanting something totally different. Its not about damning the man or making a gay joke. Its a reference to the boundless unhappiness that most married couples suffer through.

  7. pikeri

    So barbie is upset and start being elen degeneres.. hmm explain a lot.

  8. Sasha

    You are awesome and very creative!

  9. Morissa

    LOVE IT!

  10. mayavita

    Amazing Photograph

  11. tesmith47

    have barbie getting some BBC

  12. Jaz

    OMG SO FUNNY! I love this. Yeaaa Stumble!

  13. BBakeca

    Great post! I love it!

  14. akynos


  15. FourDaughters

    Barbie needs Straight Spouse Network.

  16. kim

    this is so great!

  17. Patty bee

    This is hilarious! Someone needs to do a trailer trash Barbie saga next! There are just too many good scenes that could be shot!

  18. Dr.Professer

    Stumbleupon… I think it’s time to have a talk about what you show people…

  19. Jessica

    incredible…. NO BBC!!! Very Creative Mind! Keep it up!

  20. Guests


  21. Liz

    They left the last picture out. She kills herself.

  22. Silenthunder

    There’s an eye in the window in the last picture. Was that intended, or just the photographer?

  23. Bufandaroja


  24. smadge100

    BWC from G.I. Joe is better. Barbie isn’t overweight and skanky enough to go for BBC.

  25. igiveherbbc

    Well doesn’t someone feel threatened and insecure…

  26. smadge100

    Nope, just being realistic.

  27. Mark

    Lol You actually fill the need for this fictional depiction of Barbie to reflect your personal racist views… You must live a really sad life.

  28. Mark

    Actually you are making broad generalizations that
    usually derive from some sort of insecurity or small mindedness. Or else you
    probably would have just kept your bigoted views to yourself. Goes that’s what
    the internet’s for though…

  29. daz7878

    Hahaha seriously you know those dudes like smadge100 always have small pricks, poor guy.

  30. smadge100

    Oh, get the hell over it. Butthurt by reality? Trying to be Mr Self-righteous P.C. “I’ll shame you” over f**king dolls? Funny how you don’t try to lecture the one who originated the comment about Barbie and “BBC”. Isn’t that a “broad generalization” and stereotype? Just shove a Ken doll up your butt, or a BC of any color, please.

  31. smadge100

    No, it’s dudes who make comments like yours who do. I am quite happy with my size, douche. “Hahaha”.

  32. Jaryd Krause

    Who the fuck has time to create these . . .

  33. other guy

    you probably do have a tiny penis though

  34. Michael E. Porter

    I loved this! These photos were great!

  35. XnTriK

    haha Yeah “barbie” would have to be “Birtha” to be eligible for BBC you know the saying “once you go black you can never come back!

  36. chris m

    it doesent really matter the way i look at it any white bitch that fucks a black asshole is a trader to there Race… go fuck your self

  37. enedenonoy

    Barbie y ken desde el backstage!

  38. pallas anders

    omg StumbleUpon led you here too!!??

  39. Robbo

    Sad ending.

  40. jolica

    racist much your saying if a white person has sex with a black person they are going against their race have you every thought that “race” is just a color? that there is no difference between white black asian or hispanic?? get a life and look at it differntly

  41. Chris m

    I was just adding fuel to the fire i could really careless….i’m just an asshole and was more then likely drunk that evening….and Yes i am Racist, But not to color But more To Everyone….and Especially Ignorance…
    I am what the internet calls a Troll……Sorry

  42. Chris m

    Oh and Sod off, there is such a thing if one felt like it to have a freedom of speech and thought, with out persecution…. and if i felt like being racist i am allowed to be…….

  43. James Patrick

    why stumbleUpon? why?

  44. Xeyla Darkwater

    Thank you stumbleupon…

  45. Kally

    Stumble Upon for me too. :/