We love handmade items, clever crafts and recycled projects, so we of course love creative sites like Etsy where artists can sell their homemade wares and make the world a better place. But some artists haven’t caught on that just because you make something out of garbage that doesn’t make it art. Regretsy calls out the most ridiculous, repulsive and regretfully wretched crafts found on etsy including stuff like Twilight onsies, vulva jewlery and reusable pokemon pads. The artwork and crafts featured are hilariously bad and the commentary is even funnier.

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  1. Stickan

    Repulsive? A vagina? I don’t think so! I do think it’s repulsive that women talks that way about the vagina.

  2. Stickan

    And btw, “the artwork is hilariously bad”?? Have you tried to sculpture a vagina? Eh, stupid question, obviously you have not. The vagina artwork is fucking amasing! Ofcourse, then it’s up to everyone to decide if they like the art or not but you cannot say that the artwork is bad cause that’s really your own restricted opinion.

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