Magic is one of my favorite things. Pulling rabbits out of hats, quarters out of ears, guessing the exact card I grabbed out of the deck or chopping a lady in half — how do they do it? Don’t tell me, don’t tell me! You’ll ruin the mystery. You can probably imagine my excitement (or maybe you heard my screams of delight and wonder) when I learned about the Chalkeeper, a concept Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo. This thing is totally magic as f***. The device molds a new piece of chalk by collecting the dust it absorbs after erasing the blackboard. Oh man, teachers everywhere are gonna rejoice when they hear about this! My only question is: does it work for sidewalk chalk? Because if so, I’m gonna have to invest in this bad boy. I spend a fortune on that stuff making games of hopscotch all the way down the street. Plus, drawing grotesque lookin’ wieners in front of neighbors’ homes so the other neighbors will think they’re perverts. I’m talking about the Stewartses. Those people are sick!

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  1. shailesh

    how does it works….????