Ever since Al Gore invented the internet I’ve gotten all of my news online. When they call me up and try to sell me newspaper subscriptions I’m like “No way. I got Google.” to which they respond “Oh yeah, well… well… what if your power goes out?” Seriously, that’s the best you can come up with? I can’t read the paper in the dark either smart guy! (True story.) Anyway, print may be dead, but Nick Georgiou breathes new life into it with his awe-inspiring artwork. Using old books and local newspapers Georgiou creates portraits, still-lifes and sculptures that, from a distance, look a bit like impressionistic paintings.

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  1. VV

    Why do you keep insisting that print is dead? There are many people (yes, even the younger generation, as shocking as that may be to you) that still enjoy reading an actual book, subscribing and flipping through a real magazine, and looking at the comics or the sales paper in the newspaper. I’m 20, and I don’t own an E-reader or a tablet computer, nor do I plan to anytime soon. I’m quite content with my magazine subscriptions, print books, and laptop.