This is a snow globe that features a power plant complete with grody black shit floating around. Snow globe? More like a No Globe! Just kidding, that’s what they’re really called. I was just trying to take the cred. I’m bad! They should totally do a Los Angeles version next. I can see it now — a little snow globe containing a green layer of smog blanketed over the skyline. Plus hordes of homeless people digging through recycling bins. The tourists would totally buy one for everyone in their family. IN ADDITION TO an Academy Award made out to “Best Dad,” and a handful of postcards with girls in thong bikinis riding a motorcycle on the beach that say “Wish You Were Her.” Btw, you even know how hard it is to ride a motorcycle on the beach?! It’s nearly impossible. Especially once you’ve been banned from the entire Pacific coastline for trying. You hear that Atlantic Ocean? I’m comin’ your way! Vroom vroom!

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