Instagrammer Jakecarter14 recreates these amazingly cute and intricate Pokémon using leaves, rocks, and other stuff he finds outside. Ah, yes: outside. I remember that place. I can barely recall the last time I went there. It’s been a while. So long, in fact, I imagine my eyes couldn’t handle the sunlight. After a while your eyeballs adjust to the darkness that comes with dwelling in your small studio apartment, windows and doors boarded up, and the sole bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling burned out ages ago. Now, the only light comes from the glowy screen of my laptop. Plus my Snoopy nightlight. That’s in the bathroom. It’s so I don’t pee on the floor. WHICH, if you must know, has happened before. If you mustn’t know, then I’m sorry I told you that. And you probably mustn’t, is the thing.







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