Everyone has a stash of them in their house house. Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about a stash of plastic shopping bags picked up from grocery stores or other shops. No matter how many reusable shoppers you own, there will always be a handful of times when you forget them. What can we do with the millions of plastic bags that have become the leading source of global pollution? Well, if you’ve got about 1,500 – along with the assistance of students from Politecnico di Milano – you can transform them into a beautiful architectural experiment. That’s exactly what design studios Ghigos Ideas and LOGh have done for the STUDI APERTI Arts Festival, in the northern Italian village of Ameno. Using the bags, a lot of hard work and the motto that “nothing can be neither created nor destroyed, everything can only be transformed”, the students and designers have transformed an unfinished public building into a beguiling statement on modern living.

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