Unlike us aging folks, babies don’t have to work so hard at being cute. All that gitchy, goo, goodness comes naturally to them. Chubby thighs and toothless grins just don’t slide once you leave babyhood behind. So you might as well get them into an actual line of work early. That’s sort of what French photographer Malo did with his 3-month old daughter. By dressing her up as a boxer, a butcher, a fisherwoman and more, he gave her a few options for her to browse and choose from when she’s all grown up.






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  1. Maura Quast

    I liked the militaristic dark blue suit the best (or maybe it is a flight attendant outfit). Adorable.

  2. darma2u

    The one where she is either a butcher or ‘ax’ murderer seems to have her contemplating something “daddy dearest”…:-) she is adorable.

  3. Chalk

    The surgeon one is a little creepy, the rest are really cute. I like the background, it looks like she’s floating 🙂

  4. kathlynsmommy

    i like the little nurse! but the shoes on the ballerina and flight attendant are super cute.

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