Phonebooths: people don’t really use them these days. Except to duck out of the rain and/or make out hardcore. But artist Benedetto Bufalino and lighting designer Benoit Deseille have come up with a new use for those archaic phone booths: fish tanks! They debuted their phone booth fish tanks at Lyon’s Fete Des Lumieres, but the installations have toured all over Europe. Man, I wish they’d bring these to the US so I can go see em too! But noooo, we can’t have nice things here. Instead, we’ve get stuff like low standardized test scores, the Kardashians, unlivable minimum wage, Kid Rock, the state of Florida, Larry the Cable Guy, and poor customer service at my local Taco Bell.








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  1. Molly

    The writer hasn’t seen the American TV show, Tanked… It’s already been done in America. Maybe you should move to France, so you don’t have to worry about bad customer service at fast food restaurant lol weirdo.

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