You either have no idea what Pantone is, or you stare at those swatches and await the announcement of the color of the year with pure giddiness. Freelance designer and illustrator Kim Neill falls into the latter category. Inspired by Pantone color tins by Seletti at a nearby art supply store, Neill turned the color chips into edible cookies and handed them out–presented in tins–as holiday gift for her clients. The brilliantly colored rectangular sugar cookies are topped with colored icing and finished with an edible marker to indicate the PMS colors. For more images and for Kim’s recipe, click through to the full post at If It’s Hip, It’s Here.

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  1. Kim Neill

    For a unique opportunity to try one of my Pantone Cookies, stop by the McNeill Art Gallery in NYC Feb 16, 2011 for a unique opportunity to EAT one of these cookies! My cookies have been invited to be part of Chromesthesia, a unique group exhibition focusing on color and its effect on the senses. There will be 200 Pantone Cookies on display so don;t miss it! For more details see!.html