Actually, I don’t know if they’re anatomically correct or not. How am I supposed to know if a brain looks like a chunk of cauliflower? I can’t see in there! Personally, I always assumed my brain was more like, I dunno, a couple of stale airline peanuts rattling around in a rusty tin can. And my skin is definitely NOT made out of bologna. If it was, it would be looong gone. Ages ago. These are food sculptures by Dimitri Tsykalov meant to resemble a cross section of a meaty dome, suspiciously gangrene foot, hot dog wienie pin head, and some seriously nasty teefs. Hey Dimitri, love your work and all, but seriously — if your tooties look anything like little crusty shrimps, you need to get them checked out, man!


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  1. Fro

    Funny they didn’t do one with roast beef…

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