Who doesn’t like tiny things? You’re right, jerks and a-holes. They don’t enjoy anything. For the rest of us, there’s Tiny World In A Bottle. Japanese artist Akinobu Izumi creates these teeny adorable masterpieces in a bottle smaller than your thumb (unless you’re a baby, in which case, does your mom know you’re surfing the net?). Eeeeeee, SO CUTE! Sorry, that just happens sometimes when it comes to miniature things! And can you blame me? I know you’re already clicking through the pics screaming with delight at your monitor. Which, let me remind you, you’re at work and you’re gonna lose your job. Your boss is already peeking out of his office and wondering aloud why he even hired you in the first place. Now he sees you’re looking at tiny things on the interwebs instead of doing your job. And you know how he feels about tiny things, don’t you? (You’re f***ed)

Be sure to hit up the Tiny World In A Bottle etsy store for a peep at all the designs.

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Via: www.materialicious.com

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