If Hobbits were the size of Borrowers this is the house they would live in. Also my head would explode from all the cuteness… I mean tiny pocket-sized hairy-footed Hobbits? SO ADORBS! Anyway, this miniature Hobbit dollhouse was created by artist and LOTR superfan Maddie Chambers. The dollhouse started as a college assignment and quickly grew into an ongoing project. Chambers was already no stranger to working with miniatures thanks to her experience playing Warhammer when she decided to create the exterior of Bilbo Baggins’ home. Before she knew it she was drawing plans for a replica of Bag End from the movie and creating furniture, food and other items to fit inside.

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  1. rj

    where is the hobbit

  2. catherine cutting

    This is amazing , would love to own this n, well done

  3. Adam Brzezina

    tam budu bydlet.

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