The United States-shaped Bookshelf is made of stainless and Corten steel. I’m having a hard time believing this isn’t some kinda smarty pants social commentary or whatever. Everyone knows Americans don’t read! We’re too busy eating bacon and watching NASCAR. The artist of the bookshelf, Ron Arad, has dubbed the piece ‘Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends.’ That’s… quite a title. Annnnd now I’m starting to wonder if Ron is a total nutjob. You aren’t making any sense, bro! You sound like a crazy person. Trust me. It takes one to know one. And I am certifiable. Zippity doo daaa zippity daaay, I just swallowed a light bulb!

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  1. blayzeKING

    That isn’t fucking irony!

  2. Mike Moran

    The name of the bookshelf is from a song in “Oklahoma” emphasizing that we have common interests and should support one another.