One man’s trash is… well, another man’s trash that he keeps in a clear plastic cube. New York City, perhaps the most interesting city in the world, undoubtedly has some interesting trash. One artist decided why not box it up and sell it all over the world to people who want a unique and fitting piece of the city. Justin Gignac of NYC Garbage artistically arranges soda cans, receipts, club flyers, parking tickets and other junk and signs and dates each cube of trash.

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  1. melissa

    ok. i’m a native new yorker. upper west side. this absolutely narcissistic. very few will find this cubed garbage worth the fifty bucks whoever thinks its worth. at least i don’t. i love nyc, but seriously? garbage? really?

  2. Datura

    50 bucks for garbage…? Now I officially give up on modern “art”.
    Do people seriously buy this crap?

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