Eh. It’s pretty annoying that folks think that if you make something prettier, women will be more inclined to carry it. Whatever. I’ll go with it for the sake of safe sex. A group of students from the School of Visual Arts in New York City designed a new concept condom with packaging aimed specifically at women. Mine Condoms were created to make them feel more comfortable about purchasing condoms and carrying them around. The packaging is quite attractive and actually looks more like it contains a fancy tea bag. No pun intended.



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  1. Jenni Chasteen

    I don’t think whether a woman carries condoms or not has anything to do with how they look. Some women I know feel that condoms were a unapproachable because they didn’t know how to put one on and they were nervous about getting judgement at a store… which means they relied entirely on their partner to not only carry condoms, but to use them properly. Perhaps that’s something we should be helping young women get more comfortable with talking about so they can become more confident about safe sex. There’s also a lot of sexism to overcome on this front… if a young man is carrying a condom, it’s smart. If a young woman does it, she’s promiscuous. That’s not only unfair, but it’s an unhealthy way to treat safe sex. So yeah, I think pretty packaging really isn’t enough.

  2. djmom

    I’m too old for this but yes it makes a difference. Lots of the packaging oriented towards men has dark colors or a glowing neon appearance which makes it look more like a stripper bar look instead of a health care product. Some men may look at a condom as a “ticket” for sex instead of a smart choice. I think the packaging above is great, so I vote yes.

  3. Jenni Chasteen

    That’s a good point… that the packaging itself is part of what can make condoms less approachable for women. A lot of current packaging does kind of have a sleazy vibe. I didn’t really think about how that played into the bigger picture of how it can affect women’s comfort level with condoms.

  4. Angus Bohanon

    “It’s pretty annoying that folks think that if you make something prettier, women will be more inclined to carry it.”

    “Folks” (advertisers) think that because decades of market research have shown it to be true. Women don’t like current condom packaging because it’s block caps, gaudy colors, etc. That’s a statistical generalization, as is all marketing, but it’s a fact nonetheless. There is a reason that Dove doesn’t look like Axe, despite being made by the same company, and that’s because it works. It’s not just some dated idea about women liking pink.

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