Pin-up style photography has definitely made a resurgence as of lately, but no one has put a twist on the genre quite like photographer Rion Sabean. He uses dudes as the models in a series called Men-Ups. The beefcakes mimic the iconic poses of the pin-up style (you know, thrusting tay-tays out, poppin’ booties), but somehow it ends up looking pretty silly. Well, no — not quite as silly as that cat riding a Roomba, but c’mon, what is?! You can’t measure everything on the internet up against a damn cat riding a Roomba or you’ll be forever disappointed. I mean, look at me, for example. I hold all things interwebs to the standard of those otters holding hands and I can tell you right now I live a very underwhelmed existence. Be sure to see all the shots at Rion’s site. Tee-hee, one’s even got his underwears peepin’!


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