If you’ve ever been bored while waiting in the grocery line and picked up a tabloid-style magazine, you know that GASP! some celebrities look far from gorgeous when caught without their faces on. It’s a darn shame that we don’t catch a glimpse of them bare faced more often, because as you can see from this photo series, we can all be perfect with the right makeup. Russian hair and make-up artist Vadim Andreev shows what a whole lot of hours in his chair can do for a woman. Using only cosmetics, and zero post processing software, he transforms ordinary looking ladies into stunning beauties. Can he move in with me?







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  1. Guest

    But how thick does one need to wear the make up ??? hahahaa

  2. Guest

    But how thick does one need to wear the make up ??? hahahaa

  3. James W

    That’s not just makeup. They’re running those through a filter that makes skin perfect. You can download it on an app!

  4. Hannah

    They look like two completely different people! False advertising. How confused would the guy waking up next to them for the first time be? What is wrong with people embracing their own true beauty? You know it is possible to highlight your features without changing your identity.

  5. Ari

    its called foundation tho

  6. fickib

    …it’s called photoshop

  7. Steven Smith

    Scary thought. Go out with the one on the right, wake up next to the one on the left. Exit like the roadrunner in the cartoons. Beep beep!

  8. Vanita

    Either the makeup is so thick that there’s a completely new surface, or they used Photoshop as well.

  9. Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Ever seen stage makeup? You can easily do that with the right make up artist and make up brand.

  10. Major Lee Gassole

    Went to bed at 2 with a 10. Woke up at 10 with a 2.

  11. Major Lee Gassole

    At least the differences with these women are nothing compared to the beer goggling scene in Beerfest!

  12. duraldo

    I think girl in the first pic is so much prettier without the make up , she looks fake an unattrctive in her after pic.durald

  13. Lena

    Well, at least for a moment the an aesthetic experience. With the modern “man” any girl can has it : you are fat, sweaty, stinking and pimply. Go out with something like this??? NEVER!

  14. norgonzales26

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  15. Guest

    The people who think this is photoshop are uneducated when it comes to makeup. For instance, look at number 3. If she had photoshop done you wouldn’t see her moles and pimples under the makeup…look really close guys. This isn’t photoshop, it is indeed makeup playing her game of “make believe”. Why would it be called make up if it wasn’t “making up” who you truly are. There is much to be loved in the vale of the real…but everyone seems to want plastic these days instead of human flesh…

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